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Gwaith Cartref/ Homework

Gwaith Cartref

English Oracy Presentation Year 6 - Tasg Llafar Saesneg Blwyddyn 6.

Your task is to give a presentation to the class expressing your opinion on a particular topic.

You will need to present in English and the question and answer session will follow in English, therefore you will need to familiarise yourself with any key vocabulary.

Here are some topic ideas. Remember, you don’t have to use these if you have your own ideas!

  1. We should not have a school dress code.
  2. Pets should be allowed in school.
  3. School break times should be longer.
  4. The school day should be shorter.
  5. Children should be able to use mobile phones in school.
  6. I should be able to go to bed later.
  7. I should be able to stay at home on my own.
  8. Should an 11- year- old be able to travel alone?
  9. I should be allowed sweets every day.
  10. Nobody should litter.
  11. Everyone should have to exercise every day.
  12. We should all grow our own vegetables.
  13. Should we eat less meat to save the environment?
  14.  Should the government do more to tackle homelessness?
  15. Should all children learn sign language?
  16.  Does the government need to do more to protect our environment and tackle global warming?


Follow the Presentation Success Criteria:

  • Your presentation should last up to five minutes.
  • Greet your audience and face them.
  • Use a Powerpoint (HWB) to show your thoughts and feelings.
  • Include bullet points – do not write long paragraphs on screen.
  • Use notes – do not read from the screen or from a piece of paper.
  • Remember to vary your sentence starters.
  • Think about your audience – What would keep them entertained? (Images on screen? WOW words?)
  • Organise your ideas so that you don’t jump from one idea to the next.
  • Use interesting facts and figures to keep your listeners entertained.
  • Support your thoughts with reasons.
  • Think of the questions your audience could ask you and prepare some possible answers, rather than simply answering, “Yes / No / I don’t know!”.
  • Remember to practice your presentation in front of your family or the mirror, you can record yourself to see how your performance looks to others.

We look forward to hearing your presentations.